About Us

Mystery Tin Games is the result of a product of creative, committed artists crossing many medias, genres, and styles.

Christopher Eaton is the Creative Director of Mystery Tin Games. An avid game player, he studied Music and Fine Arts (with a minor in Economics) at St. Lawrence University before attending Empire College School of Law.

At age 19, Chris started KMD Music, an independent record label. His entrepreneurial experiences continued into Mystery Tin, a branded media company creating short films, podcasts, card games, and other storytelling content. Mystery Tin is the parent company of Mystery Tin Games.

Walker Cahall is the graphic artist behind Waltronic in Portland, Oregon. He went to the California Institute of the Arts and studied printmaking and animation. He is lead designer of Happy Hour!, the latest game from Mystery Tin Games.

In 2007, he moved to Portland to follow a career in making awesome things. Since then he has worked as an art handler, production artist, painter, fabricator, printmaker, teacher, and superhero. He runs on burritos and high fives and loves to collaborate.

Walker is currently the manager of the Magnetic North creative studio and teaches Graphic Arts at Portland State University.

Eric Parker is a product designer living and working in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys making furniture, designing home goods, creating compelling installations and of course, cooking some deliciously good food, that’s why he was the lead designer of Dinner’s Ready!